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Living in Manhattan, I visit some of the best restaurants in the world... and you know what they say about New York City pizza. So.... who woulda thunk that I'd find the best tasting pizza ever in this cute, smart spot in the Cleveland suburbs. I didn't expect it, but Crostatas redefined my expectations of pizza, and they cater to vegetarians too!

- Laura C, Editor Conde Naste

I grew up in a part of Naples where the local restaurant owners were proud of their heritage as the birthplace of pizza. You could always judge a great spot by the quality of its Pizza Margherita with the farm-fresh bufala mozzarella. Since moving to The States a decade ago, I've searched for pizza with a flavor that nears the taste I was raised on... and now I've found Crostatas! The feel is like that of home, and the Margherita D.O.C. is the best I've had since leaving Italy.

- Dr. Anthony, The Cleveland Clinic

The Best Old-World Pizza in Northeast Ohio
I'm from Italy, and Crostatas is easily, the best pizza I have had in the States.
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Crostatas is 5-stars on Yelp....
The Debate is Over: Crostatas' reverence for tradition results in the best pizza in Northeast Ohio
...and I kept thinking, "Oh, that looks good! That looks good! And I want one of those, too!"
You'll flip for Crostatas and its Napolitana pizza
First look: Crostatas Pizzeria

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